long time no see you guys!! I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I’ve leaned out even more since my last progress photo. I forget when I posted it, but it has been at least three months, and trust me… I was NOT dieting that whole time! I’ve evened out and settled at about 150lbs, which is pretty light compared to my starting weight. this time last year I was at my highest of 160, 155 on a good day. now, in the evening after a day of eating and working out, i’m at 150-ish. I’ve been wearing my waist trainer from shap emy silhouette, and I’m on the second set of clips (it works like a bra, where you have settings depending on how tight you need it), which means my waist has definitely gotten smaller. the last time I took my waist measurement was at the end of my spin bike class. in the beginning in january I was at 32.5”, and now I’m at 30”. I have no doubt I will be in the 20’s by summer! i feel great and confident these days which I am so thankful for. I’m not too strict with my diet except for the basics: no added sugars, no packaged/processed nonsense, and avoid carbs wherever possible. I eat a lot of fruit, veggies (mostly in my nutri-bullet juices), eggs, bacon, peanuts, and any form of meat. majority of my carbs come from nuts, fruits, and the occasional corn tortilla because they’re tasty with my eggs, filling, gluten free, and quick to cook in a pan with butter. I try and take at least one serving of lipo-6 every day before my cardio. I do 30 wide, deep squats with a 15lb dumbbell and 30 weightless jump squats every day. I’m really proud of my progress, and I’m only going to go harder for the next 30 days for summer!! xoxo

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What's your mfp username?

it is etherdive, but i don’t use it consistently, only when i’m trying out a new meal plan and i want to see what my macros look like.

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here was my “breakfast”.

i put that in quotes because by the time i got up, got to my eye appointment, got home, took my supplements, and did my fasted cardio for 45 min, it was 2:30pm. i have spin bike class at 6 tonight, so that’s going to be my cardio, and then afterwards i’m going to spend another 30-45 min in the weight room and work chest and shoulders. before class i’m going to have tuna and rice, and after my workout i’ll have a protein bar. for dinner i’ll have sweet potato, turkey, and green beans. right before bed i’ll have about half a cup of cottage cheese, and take it to bed by 10 hopefully. i’ll be working full time this week for training, so sometime today i need to find the time to prep for tomorrow, especially lunch, and make sure i don’t fuck up. xoxo